Get Tattooed in Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen to get tattooed at BelAir Tattoo?

Copenhagen plays a central role in the history of western traditional tattooing in Europe. The first actual tattoo shop in Copenhagen opened more than 100 years ago. BelAir Tattoo have heritage since 1977.  We take great pride in carrying on the Danish Tattoo traditions in a modern hygienic environment.

When you book your tattoo appointment. Let us know that you are coming in from out of town, and we are happy to recommend the best places to stay in central Copenhagen, fitting your budget, and near the shop.

BelAir Tattoo is located in walking distance from Copenhagen Central Station. We are happy to advice you in how to get from the Copenhagen Airport directly to BelAir Tattoo or your hotel near by.

Need some inspiration on places to visit while getting tattooed in Copenhagen? Depending on your interests and how long you are staying, we are happy to point out some good spots you won’t find in the guide books. Things like current tattoo or art exhibits, traditional US Diner, Tiki Bar, Motorcycle and Hot Rod shops to visit, bars where the locals go, Rock Clubs, special shopping possibilities. Just let us know what you are in to, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

We are looking forward to having you in the shop.

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